Pathology 2813 Pathology Part I

The first of three pathology courses covering the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical signs and symptoms, treatment options of common pathologies. Special emphasis placed on involvement of the massage therapist in recognizing signs and symptoms of these pathologies as part of routine assessments and treatments, as well as specific treatment modifications which will be required for patients presenting with various diseases and conditions. Pathologies of muscle and soft tissue, and the cardiovascular system are covered in this course. Prerequisites: Biology 1033, Anatomy 1521, Anatomy 1511.

Pathology 2823 Pathology Part II

A continuation of Pathology 2813 covering pathologies of skin and nervous system. Prerequisite: Pathology 2813.

Pathology 2833 Pathology Part III

A continuation of Pathology 2823 covering pathologies of bone, respiratory, and genitourinary systems. Prerequisite: Pathology 2823.


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