Hear What Our Students Have To Say

Olivia Bertin

18 months spent at ACTM formed ties and experiences that will last a lifetime."

Patrick Carmichael

"My time at ACTM will never be forgotten. A kind staff, directors and teachers made this course enjoyable, interesting and professional."

Hollie Gregan

"Really enjoyed the time I shared at ACTM and it gave me the confidence I needed to move on to future endeavors."

Malinda Levesque

"My time here was a great experience. I learned so much. I couldn’t imagine taking this course elsewhere."

Shauna Getson

(ACTM Graduate 2010)

“Being a student at ACTM is one of the most difficult things I have ever experienced and I am pleased to say accomplished! It has given me a new outlook on life and the ability to grow in so many ways. Although it is a challenging program, I wasn’t there alone. I was surrounded by wonderful staff, faculty, classmates and loved ones that were always there to provide encouragement and help in any way that they could. I not only made friends and future colleagues at ACTM, but created a strong personal bond with many classmates. We opened our lives to one another and shared stories, tears and many MANY laughs. We walked into school on that first day as individuals and walked out on the last day of school each carrying a memory of one another within us for the rest of our lives!"

Ranine Dickson

(ACTM Graduate 2010)

"18 months goes by really fast and in the mean time you get to meet great people and learn from great, knowledgeable mentors."

Kelly Davis

(ACTM Graduate 2010)

"I’ve made friends and colleagues I will have for life."

Brittni McFarlane

(ACTM Graduate 2010)

“It’s a great school with teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching. It’s a hard course, sometimes you need someone to set higher expectations then you would for yourself.”

Michelle McPhee

(ACTM Graduate 2010)

“My year and a half at ACTM was a challenge but well worth all the hard work in the end.”

Jenessa Pendleton

(ACTM Graduate 2010)

“Attending this school was an experience I’ll never forget. Not only did I build a great foundation for my career, I also built a family of friends that will last forever.”

Jenna Wareham

(ACTM Graduate 2010)

"This school definitely has top of the line instructors and staff with so much knowledge and experience. You won’t find that anywhere else!"

Kim Umphrey

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"After going through the program, I can’t say how much I am happy with ACTM. It is a great program and in my opinion, one of the best schools for massage therapy in the country."

Darcy Gulliver

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"I have learned so much more than what I have even thought of before entering the program. The staff are amazing and go out of their way to make you feel like “home"."

Sharon R. Scott

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"Found this course very thorough and intense but easier to find a job after graduating due to the recognition of ACTM."

Ashley Briggs

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"In depth and enlightening new skills and education obtained through experienced and passionate instructors. Thanks ACTM!"

Nicole Hingley

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"Had a great experience! I am going to miss everyone. Thank-you to all the ACTM staff!"

Caleb Parker

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"You will probably be surprised with the high standard of education achieved here. Also the large number of science courses. Science and Pathology have been an interesting challenge."

Joni Kirke

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"I had a great experience at ACTM. I loved the people and feel I got a good education."

Sara Davidson

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"ACTM provides a depth of knowledge and experience to prepare students to be strong professionals."

Sarah Lavigne

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"I enjoyed my experience here at ACTM, I’ve met some great people while attending this school. Thank-you to all the instructors for their encouragement and knowledge."

Gina Proctor

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"It’s an intense course that gives you a high standard of education in massage therapy."

Nicole Gillett

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"I really enjoyed my time here at ACTM. I have met so many amazing people, which made it even better to come to school every day."

Stephanie Jones

(ACTM Graduate 2009)

"It was the hardest, most challenging two years of my life..but it was worth it in the end."

Cindy O’Donnell

(ACTM Graduate 2008)

"I would like to thank everyone at ACTM for the best 18 months of my life! Being a single mom, going back to school was a very hard decision for me to begin with, so as you can imagine I was devastated when the massage therapy school that I had been attending closed its doors after four months of my hard work. Just when I thought it was time to give up, I received a call from Patrick with his (as always) encouraging words to come give ACTM a try. I am extremely happy that I did not give up because the teachers and faculty at ACTM were nothing short of amazing. The teachers were not only knowledgeable but also always there to help students learn, each one of them determined that each person in the class understands what is being taught...something that you do not get in Universities.

I could write pages and pages of thanks-yous but to sum it up, there were many up's and downs during the 18 months at ACTM, but one thing that's for sure is every day I could always count on smiling faces and great lifetime friends!!

The first week of class when Nadine was asked about the program " would you do it again?" she said I would never do it again, but I’m ever so happy that I did. This stuck with me throughout the entire program. At first I thought "how bad can it be? It's not a very long time", but as the work and emotions piled up I began to know exactly what she was talking about. Now that I look back, I have to agree 100% I would not do it again but I’m forever grateful that I did!

The only advice I can give future students is that this course will change your life: you will meet amazing people, make true lifetime friends, have support and good advice from the day you walk in."

Sarah Fischer

(ACTM Graduate 2008)

"The last 18 months were more than I ever expected. Between the classmates, staff, faculty and education you receive, it all makes for an environment and experience that you will never forget."

Bronwyn Langpap

(ACTM Graduate 2008)

"ACTM changed my life. I learned more than a textbook could offer and grew up a great deal over the 18 months I attended ACTM. Thank you so much."

Isabelle Girouard

(ACTM Graduate 2008)

"At first I didn’t think that I could do it, but I learned that I am strong and capable of doing complicated things. (It was really a challenge for me and I did it)."

Monica Martins

(ACTM Graduate 2008)

"My time here has taught me many things. Professionalism, how to deal with different situations and people. I loved my time here!"

Natascha Burgers

(ACTM Graduate 2008)

"Great learning environment, with a good atmosphere!"


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